• Reviewed by Jessica Vicuna 

                                            No Easy Answers

    In no easy answers it’s about teenagers having to make difficult decisions.

                One of the short stories, in no easy answers was confession by Gloria D. Miklowitz a group of boys who are tired of gangs in their neighborhood and, they called themselves the “Protectors” to protect their neighborhood from gang violence.

                In the first paragraph of confessions it goes on about a report from the police station about a gang called the protectors who shot a gang member that is awaiting court hearing.

                The Protectors plan to sabotage the East side gang by burning their lockers full of drugs to diminish their gang activity.

    After the incident the eastside gang struggled from having all their product burned, the protectors plan their next move on the Gang Pit bulls who love to party JJ, Danny, Carlos, and Bruno plan to do intimidation by spray painting their rides. in the end of the of the brave move couple of  gang members get out of the house.

     ”Why’d we formed protectors you asked? You gotta asked? I mean what about the graffiti? What about the gangs? What about the drugs in the schools and, nobody cares shit about it? Christ you can’t go to the john without risking your life?”(99)

    “Mr. Hyde got beat up on his way home from school and, not since Mrs. Ramos went to the hospital when five guys cornered her and, did things she wouldn’t talk about for fear of worse.”(103)

                “The following is the statement of thirteen-year-old Jim James, known as JJ, in the shooting of Samboy Parks at Fifth and Elm, San Gabriel, April 10. James and three other members of the Protectors gang have been remanded to Juvenile Hall to await hearing on April 17” (99)

                “Danny stood watch and each of us took a locker, one we knew belonged to a gang member. I laid my bag on the ground and drew out the paper. I slid sheets into the cracks under and around the locker so the door looked like it wore a ruffle. Down from me I saw Bruno and Carlos struggling to slide their papers in place, too. Then I pulled out the matches. I could imagine all the stuff inside the locker, the smelly sneakers and gym clothes, the battered books, candy wrappers, bags of rock cocaine, the pills, the grass. And I felt good.”(103)

                “We spray-painted the motorcycles and six cars and punctured their tires. On back of the last car I wrote, “Clean up the hood or we’ll be back.”(109)

                When trying to escape the gang members the car stop working. The gang members bring Sam who was notorious of drug dealer came threating them. In return Danny scared for his life brought a gun when was forbidden the in the protectors. JJ tried to stop Danny but, he push him away while Sam he called Danny that he had no guts to pull. He shot Sam out of fear.

                I find this interesting because, the whole point about the protectors was to clean up the neighborhood, yet Danny, shot Sam. Confessions is a story of innocence idea to make positive change but, ended up as a common commotion in a neighborhood that is surround in gang violence. While the real tragedy in Confessions is that the boys loss their innocence in a place that violence makes men do horrendous things.

    ”Danny sobbed, Carlos screamed, Bruno choked, blood splattered all over me. All over my face and, shirt”(111)

    “We didn’t mean to hurt anyone, honest. We just wanted to make the hood better, safer. Honest. I’m sorry.”(111)