• Reviewed by Daniel Miller 

    A Basketball Season


    The title of the book I am reviewing is called Travel Team by Mike Lupica. Philomel Books is the publisher of Travel Team. The genre of Travel Team is sports fiction. Travel Team takes place in 2004 at Middletown, New York. A group of boys that are cut from the local basketball travel team join together and create their own travel team. The boys work to play as a team to win games against other travel teams they play. The other travel teams in the same league as Danny’s travel team, don’t think Danny’s team will even come close to making the championship game.


    Daniel’s favorite character in Travel Team is the main character Daniel Walker. He is the point guard on his team and the smallest person on the team. No one has more determination to win a basketball game than he does. Danny is a good player even though he is small and doesn’t look like a good player. Danny is my favorite character, because he shows you don’t have to be big to be good at playing basketball and other sports. He is also my favorite character, because he has the same name as I do.


    The central conflict is Danny getting cut from the local travel team. Danny’s mom suggests Danny try out for the YMCA team. Danny thinks about not playing basketball at all for the season. Danny resolves the conflict by creating a new travel team with his dad. Danny ends up playing basketball after all on the new travel team