•  Reviewed by Ashlynn Thompson


    Written by Mary Kubica, The Good Girl, published by MIRA Books (February 24, 2015). Is a work of fiction. There are many settings, towards the beginning it starts in her house. It starts with the main character Mia Dennett casually sitting there drinking coffee, just like an ordinary day. One afternoon Mia and her complicated boyfriend planned on going to the bar, he did not show. She begins socializing with a guy named Colin Thatcher, unknowingly that is when her life changed.

        The most fascinating character in The Good Girl, is twenty four year old Mia. She is a talented free-spirited art teacher. She dislikes her dad James as well as her sister Grace, she was only very close with her mom. She is independent, shows value in others no matter the situation and giving back to the less fortunate.  Mia never loses faith nor hope even in the toughest conflicts, like the roughest conflict she is faced with.

    The central conflict in The Good Girl is her abduction.  Mia was kidnapped from a man she met at the bar named Colin Thatcher. Colin told her he would take her to his employers but does not. He then took her to a new state and held her captive in a cabin. When Mia's mom finds out the news, her and the detective will not stop at any circumstance until she is found. In the cabin Mia is not only abused by Colin but he threatened her life as well as holding a gun to her head. Mia then realizes that he’s not a bad guy. He had a rough childhood, she then realizes that she was disrespectful to him when she was first abducted. They then fall in love.

    In The Good Girl the central theme is awareness, be aware of what can and sometimes will happen; always expect the unexpected. “Teenagers believe they’re invincible-nothing bad can happen. It isn’t until later that we realize bad things do, in fact, happen.” (page 356) This quote perfectly reflects on the theme awareness. You may not think it, it may not even come to mind what can happen but it might. Be aware, think ahead, always expected the unexpected.

    Out of five stars I would give it a three and a half. In the middle of the book I feel as if it is very slow then it picks up fast and then ends. I feel the ending could have been better because we were given a lot of long drawn out suspense in the middle of the book. I did like that the book was shown in many perspectives, but it could get confusing. Overall the book has a great plot but can get boring, but it’s a must read ending.














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