• Reviewed by Maria Villalpando

    Juliette weird world


    Unravel me (2# book of the shatter me series) written by Tahereh Mafi is a book Published in 2013 in NY by HarperCollins Children’s books  is classified by the Science fiction novel gender. The world is dying, and there is not enough resources left to keep all the people alive. The word Juliette lives in is a place whit hunger, diseases, death, and lies ruled by the Reestablishment, an organization created by United Nations, who promised the survivors to fix things, who promised the citizens to help them get back to the world they once knew. Juliette has escaped to omega point, the headquarters of the rebel resistance and a safe haven for people with abilities like hers. She is finally free from the Reestablishment and their plans to use her as a weapon, but warner, her captor, won’t let her go without a fight.

    Kenji is one of the funniest and sweatiest characters; he really makes the story more enjoyable, because it doesn’t matter if the scene is horrifying, romantic, or serious, Kenji is the kind of character that would say something out of context and you would find yourself laughing. He is also really optimistic and realistic. In the kind of environment the characters live in, people like Juliette really appreciate a friend like him.

    Juliette has and unusual “curse” she can be touched by no one or vice versa, her skin is lethal. Just a simple touch from those beard hands (or any part of her body, not cover with clothes) would be enough to feel such pain, it would make you beg for mercy, and if is longer than a quick touch it could kill a man in less than a minute. Imagine what can a “course” like this could do in the wrong hands? Juliette is running away from the Reestablishment, but most of all from Warner her captor who tried to use her as a weapon. Now that she is “free” the decision is hers; who to trust and who to make her new and first friends. Most important of all she would have to make the crucial decision that could change her life forever; how to change her “curse” into a “gift” and prove everyone wrong “she is not a monster, she is power”, but this won’t be easy thinking of those seventeen years of trauma.

    Acceptance is the main theme in Juliette’s journey. She would prove the world that different is not a synonym of something bad, that, that difference is what makes her unique and so special, her “weakness” is her best adjective and ironically her strength. “You are confident” he says “You’re stubborn and resilient. So brave. So strong. So inhumanly beautiful. You could conquer the world” (325)                                                                                                                                                             

    I give this book a 3.5 out of 5, because it was pretty interesting and fun to read, but it was missing a little bit of more action and less romance in some of the chapters, sometimes it gets kind of repetitive and it makes your reading speed decreased.

    I encourage young readers who like drama, action and surprises, to give this book and opportunity; also to dose who like books with easy vocabulary (there’s not too much complex words). If you like this book you should look for <ignite me> and <shatter me> by the same author, Tahereh Mafi. Thank you for reading my presentation. I hope you’ve found this helpful, enjoy your reading.