• Reviewed by Michael Delph 

    A Stunning Report on Weird Sisters

    The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown printed by Coral Graphics and Horizon Paper. It was published on April 23, 2014. The genre of this book is General Fiction. It sets place in a home in Ohio with one of three sisters already there. The book seems to be set in the 20th century because of cell phones not being present, means that it has to be a little older but not 1700’s old. This book starts out explaining each of the separate problems that the sisters have each has baggage about their life or work that has them down in the dumps and needing to go home. The Weird sisters is about learning to share to adventure to live life fully even when it seems there is no hope.

    Michael’s favorite character in The Weird Sisters is Jonathan because he escapes the family drama and goes on to Britain. He is Michael’s favorite because he is intelligent and escapes the crashing wave of destruction to come. He still maintains contact though so it means that he at least admits to liking the daughter that he plans to marry. He seems to know exactly what he wants out of life and how he plans to get it. He seems very level headed and strong in his dreams, Michael likes this guy. Michael’s favorite part is when Rose who is the fiancée of Jonathan, ends up flirting with this new professor at the college. It is Michael’s favorite part because it shows just how unfaithful people can be when it really comes down to it so really nobody can be trusted.

    The central conflict is how the family can't share any of their feelings with each other. They all have problems and instead of just telling each other and maybe getting help from each other they just writhe in the stupidity of each other's presence. They each get into a bigger ploy and get into worse trouble and the story gets rather old after the always seemingly under plots go nowhere it pretty much follows the exact story you would expect it to. The characters eventually see the wrong in their ways but it takes the whole book to get there.

    The main theme is rely on family. That in the end no matter what happens that you will always have family who is there for you. The Adreas family has to learn to coincide with all of these problems and the theme grows stronger as they have to build from the bottom floor up so to speak. “The fox, the ape and the bumble-bee, were still at odds, being but three.” their father once wrote in an essay, I think that this fits the sisters to a tee each has different but they coincide right next to each other. They each have to be with the other one and they have to learn how to deal with each other’s drama.

    I would rate this book a two out of five because it has a very basic story line and it was very forward about all of their stupidity. It was a basic chick flick book one sister gets pregnant. Another was stealing money from her job and the last one doesn't want to leave home because she has mommy problems. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys chick flicks and sad melodrama. If you are more into cool dragons, beasts, fighting, war, or anything with great detail I recommend Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams fantastic author. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe pointed you towards a good book.