• Reviewed by Waverly Dean

    The book I read was Wonder by RJ Palacio. It was published February 14th, 2012.The Genre of the book is a novel. The Pullman lives in a town house in present day upper Manhattan. August Pullman was born with facial differences and has had to have over surgeries to try and correct this but he still doesn’t look “normal “.

    August Pullman is inspiring. People stare and whisper about him even scream and gasp and he still keeps going and decides to go to school. He still keeps going when most of the kids treat him as an untouchable plague. August, at one point in the story feels sorry for himself and says he’s not going to school anymore but his sister Via tells him too” suck it up” which is good. Her words bust him out of his depression, and that's what he needs to continue to grow.

    The central conflict is the conflict August has with himself. He’s constantly hearing how he’s not normal or how he looks weird or people staring or screaming when the see him. That all has affected his self-esteem and how he sees himself he grew his hair long to cover his eyes so the kids wouldn’t have too the see the people looking at him. He’s also very shy when he first met the principal at Beecher prep he would only look down at his shoes or when he talks to others he mumbles a lot and is very shy.

    The central theme of Wonder is friendship. August’s friendships with Summer and Jack save him from loneliness and unhappiness at school. Being August’s friend can be easy, August is a fun and very friendly but it's also tough being his friend because there are social punishments for hanging out with the kid who’s not “normal”. Summer and Jack are challenged by their classmates because of their friendship with August but while Summer defends August, Jack takes longer to learn the importance of his friendship he has with August. August is a great friend to Jack but at one point Jack denies the friendship. But Jack isn't a total jerk. When Jack realizes how deeply He hurt Augusts feelings. He asks for Augusts forgiveness through the process of rebuilding that relationship, Jack learns the meaning of true friendship.

    I rate this book a 5/5 it has a great message on the true meaning of friendship. I would recommend this book it was an easy and enjoyable read.