Our students have traveled 1,111 miles at recess during the first quarter of the school year!



    gr ttPhysical activity for all children is important.  Here at Goose Bay, we have a walking & running program called the Mileage Club to encourage students to develop healthy activity habits during their recess time. 

                         boy run


    pnk ttDuring recess this year, students will rotate through four different areas of our playground. One of these areas is our Mileage track. Every student will have a personal Mileage Card that will get scanned after each lap is completed.   


            Students earn a Toe Token for each five miles traveled, and additional incentives at "milestone" achievements: 15 miles earns a Mileage Club bracelet. 25 miles earns a special "25" token. 50 miles earns a Mileage Club pencil and a special "50" token. 75 miles earns a rubber bracelet and a special "75" token. 100 Miles earns a Mileage Club T-Shirt and a special "100" token!


    gr ttThis program is designed to motivate, and can be as competitive or as non-competitive as they choose. Students are encouraged to set their own individual goals, and see if they can achieve them!


    pnk ttParticipation in Mileage Club is celebrated, as our students practice healthy choices and develop active habits.  We are so very proud of our Goose Bay students, leading the way to healthy futures! 
      ****And, don't forget, students earn a new ticket with every 5 miles traveled in our monthly water bottle drawing, too!!

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Last Modified on October 15, 2021