What Does My Child Need for P.E?


    Students at Goose Bay Elementary have physical education class every other day during the week.  PE classes take place both indoors and outside, depending upon the weather and the activities! I sure do love getting our kids outside, in the fresh air!

    PE lessons focus on movement skills & fitness development, guided by our state and national PE standards. However, I do try to incorporate more outdoor education and recreation activities, in addition. 

    • Outdoor shoes (and an extra pair of socks wouldn't hurt for our 2nd graders, who have PE in the morning). The field can get pretty damp. Waterproof hiking boots can be a good option for PE this year, as can rainboots. Sticking an extra, dry pair of socks to keep in your child's backpack can be handy for those days when your child's feet may get extra soggy. 


    • Safe & secure gym shoes with a non-marking sole to be kept in your child's classroom, and ONLY to be worn inside the school building.  Indoor PE shoes can be used for regular school wear, so your child will have a comfortable, dry, safe shoe to wear inside. On those days where PE takes place indoors, your child can wear these clean, dry, indoor PE shoes to the gym. (Please note that I will be wearing a mask when teaching PE indoors.)
      **Shoelaces are best to keep feet supported during activity, but velcro and/or elastic are also good options for kids who still struggle with laces.  Please check the sole of the shoes before you buy them. Some stores sell gym shoes that have a felt-like, soft material on sections of the bottom instead of rubber. These soft-soled shoes are extremely slippery on the gym floor, and don't allow the students to demonstrate their important agility (& safety!) skills of stopping, starting, and changing direction quickly!


    • Comfortable clothing so kids are free to run, roll, and scoot!  Dresses can get caught under scooter wheels, or trap a moving jump rope.  Pants that are too big, or too long can cause a child to trip while playing. Dress for the weather - a hoodie on a cool day, a rain jacket on a drizzly day, and a baseball cap to keep cool in the sunshine!  


    • Water bottle!  We still won't be using the water fountains with our mouths, but we DID get water-bottle fillers added to our fountains! Just like last year, each child will be asked to bring his/her personal water bottle to school. Your child will carry it to PE, and use it to keep hydrated and refreshed during our activities. 


    • A positive attitude and lots of energy! 
    Take care to avoid wearing fancy clothes on P.E. day, and leave valuable items
    (jewelry, dangling earrings, etc.) at home or back in the classroom.


Last Modified on August 13, 2021