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    Welcome to Physical Education!

     ... where we  learn to move and move to learn!

    How Did YOU Move this Summer? 
    I am so excited to see our students come walking, running, hopping, gallopping, skipping, and leaping into PE again! I look forward to seeing how much TALLER our returning students have grown over the summer months, and to hearing all about their summer adventures!
    Of course, each year in Physical Education, we learn and practice a wide variety of skills we use for a lifetime of adventure. This fall we are going to celebrate that fact!
    If your family has a photo of an active adventure this summer that you would like to share, please send it in with your child for our "Adventure Celebration!" We will use these photos in PE class, and then put them up on the bulletin board, just outside the gym doors, to further inspire us to explore our world through physical activity!
    This Year in PE 
    I am SO excited to see our little Wolves again! This year I have a blend of indoor and outdoor PE activities planned, including getting outside on our bicycles this September! I'll send a note home to let you know when your little Wolf can bring his or her favorite bicycle helmet to school! 
    With this latest variant adding a new twist to our return to school, your children can expect to see me wearing a mask while I teach PE indoors. I will do my best to make sure we spend plenty of PE time outside, in the fresh air, where they can see my big smile as they learn, grow, play, and challenge themselves with new skills and activities!
    Thank you for entrusting your children to all of us at Goose Bay, and I promise to make it a great year of learning, laughing, and growing for your child, and every child, at our amazing school! 
    Let's make it a GREAT year!
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    ~Nancy Blake  
    Every day is a good day, when we have PE! 
    Education: B.S. in Physical Education;                                       Email: nancy.blake@matsuk12.us  
    M.S. in Movement Studies in Disability/Exercise Science         Phone: (907) 352-6433  
    Certifications: K-12 Physical Education/Adapted P.E.                                           
Last Modified on August 13, 2021