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     Positive Alternative for Continuing Education
     Principal:  Lebron McPhail 


    If your child has been referred to PACE by the principal, follow these steps:


    1. Student and guardians will make an appointment at PACE to complete an application and interview with PACE Principal and staff once your school building principal has contacted the PACE principal. (907)864-2671 (PACE Principal: Lebron McPhail)  

    2. Parent enrolls student through ParentVUE:    ParentVUE  

    3. PACE staff meets to determine academic and individual plan for student.

    PACE action:   

    •  Burchell registrar registers student into PACE                                        
    •  Bussing arranged if needed          
    •  Student enrolled into APEX                   
    •  Student enrolled into courses                          
    •  Counseling options if needed                              
    •  Community service if needed