• Semi-Formal Dance Dress Code

    The dress code for the Semi-Formal dances in the Mat-Su School District is as follows (if you have questions please contact the Counseling Department or the Assistant Principal's Office):

    Middle School Dress Code Guidelines for Dances

    1.            Daily school dress code applies

    2.            Skirts/Dresses no more than 3” above the knee

    3.            Undergarments (bra straps, etc.) should not be visible

    4.            Shoulders must have at least a 2” covering

    5.            No bare midriff


    High School Semi-Formal Dress Code Guidelines


    1.            Strapless/spaghetti straps are allowed

    2.            Dress/skirts must be at least mid-thigh in length

    3.            Slits no higher hand mid-thigh in length

    4.            Backless to waist is permitted – below waist is not permitted

    5.            No garters or other exposed lingerie/undergarments

    6.            No sheer/see-though dresses and no see-though sides or bare sides

    7.            No excessively low-cut dresses or tops, or short skirts

    8.            No bare midriff



    1.            Collared shirt and (optional) tie

    2.            Shirts must have sleeves

    3.            Shirts must remain on

    4.            No ball caps or beanies, bandanas, chains, or canes


    If you are unsure of whether our attire meets dress standards, please check with a principal or counselor prior to the day of the dance.  Students not meeting these standards will not be allowed into the even until they comply.  If they refuse, parents/guardians will be notified.  If a student is admitted into the dance and he/she chooses to alter their attire in such a way as to violate the dress code, they will be removed from the dance without refund, parents/guardians will be notified, and the student will not be permitted to attend the next dance.