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    Head Coach: Tony Brooke

    864-5458, 414-3407, anthony.brooke@matsuk12.us


    Assistant Coach: Jim Hearn




    Welcome parents and players,


    The following information is designed to help you understand the expectations for the Redington Boys Basketball program for the 2016-2017 season. All members of the coaching staff are aware of the following policies in order to deal with athletes fairly and consistently throughout the program.


    Academic Conduct

    The primary goal of each member of our basketball program is to excel in school. You are a student-athlete at Redington and your studies must not be neglected. With this in mind, you are expected to be on time for the first hour of school the day following a road trip. All team members should be well aware of the activities eligibility policy. Any team member of ours that breaks these or our team rules will be disciplined as stated for these infractions.




    Social Conduct

    You are in the limelight at Redington. Most people know that you are part of our program and positive public relations and communication between our team and our community, faculty, staff, and student body are essential. You must be a positive reflection of our team off the court as well as on the court. If you have a complaint, feel free to come and talk to your coach, one of the other coaches, or channel your complaint through a captain. If we see a problem that involves you, we will go right to the source and confront you about it.


    Practice and Practice Conduct


    We demand full participation at practice, therefore, you must be dressed and ready to go when practice starts.


    There is no question that basketball games are won in practice. It is essential that we be prepared and developed to face any obstacle our opponents will put before us in a game. Concerning practice, the following must be adhered to:

    1.    Be prompt to practice:  If you don’t practice you don’t play. We must be told in person or by phone by you of any reason for missing practice. Late to practice or missing practice without informing the coach with result in sitting 1 quarter for the first offense, 2 quarters for the second offense, and a 1 game suspension for any time more than twice leading up to a game.


    2.    Come to practice ready to play:  Be prepared to work extremely hard in practice. We have a small amount of time to work so you need to be focused only on basketball during this time. We need a solid, consistent time of your concentration. Starting is a privilege and will be earned in practice. In order to start or play in a game, a player must participate in the entire practice session the day before the game.


    3.    Stop all action at the whistle:  This includes dribbling, shooting, talking, etc…


    4.    When called to an area, HUSTLE.


    5.    Approach drills and new techniques with a positive attitude.


    6.    Practice at game tempo!  An all-out effort during practice is demanded and will make game habits automatic. This is the time you make us aware of your abilities.


    7.    Be mature enough to handle criticism:  Profit from it. This is why it is given. Coaches correct because the care!


    8.    Always acknowledge a good pass or defensive play: This shows you understand what it takes to win. It helps build TEAM!


    9.    In the heat of competition, tempers occasionally flare: Any disputes, regardless of their severity, should NEVER be taken off the floor.


    Game Conduct

    1.    It is a privilege to wear a Husky uniform and represent Redington on the court. Whether you start the game or get in the closing moments, play with intelligence and great intensity.

    2.    Our goal must always be to play with purpose and under control. Situations where your emotions and frustrations break your concentration should be avoided. If you miss an easy shot or make a mistake don’t dwell on it, hustle back and continue to play hard!

    3.    Never show displeasure with your coach, a teammate, or an official! Hand the ball to the official and always address him as “sir” or her as “mam.”

    4.    Technical fouls must be avoided at all costs. An unsportsmanship foul by a player will result in immediate removal from the game.

    5.    Players who come out of the game must HUSTLE off the court and sit next to the coach.

    6.    Players on the bench need to observe the game very closely so that if called upon, they will know what to do both offensively and defensively, to make a smooth contributing transition from the bench to the game.

    7.    Players on the bench should keep quiet except to applaud great plays. The bench should stand and applaud a player coming out of the game.

    8.    Players of all squads should be present together in the stands supporting other teams during their games.




    Travel Conduct

    1.    All players are strongly encouraged to stay with the team. Unique exception swill be considered with student-athletes released to their parents only with written consent and or phone contact.

    2.    Be prompt for departures! We will NOT wait for you.

    3.    Show class by dressing appropriately.

    4.    No junk food on the way to games, this includes sodas.

    5.    We represent Redington. Behave with respect and politeness at all times!

    In General

    1.    Whatever happens, we succeed and fail AS A TEAM!!!!!

    2.    Relish your role in each game, whether it is a scorer, rebounder, defender, passer or reserve.

    3.    Radiate CONFIDENCE!!!!!

    4.    Adequate preparation, both physically and mentally is essential. Make sure that you warm-up and stretch before each game.



























    I have read and understand the Redington Boys’ Basketball Handbook for the 2016-2016 season.


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