• Elementary/MS Solo and Ensemble Contest Page
    This page is designed to provide Mat-Su District staff and families info about the Mat-Su Elementary/MS Solo and Ensemble Contest held at Colony MS.  This year, the event will be Feb. 27 from 9:00 AM till about 12 PM.  
    Solo and Ensemble contest is a designed to allow students a chance to work at their level on a piece of music for a judged performances.   Students can work on a solo (1 performer) or ensemble (2 or more performers).   The piece needs to allow the student(s) a chance to challenge themselves to become better performers.  We offer contest categories for: Orchestra strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Guitar, Piano, Electric bass, and some ethic instruments (contact Tobias Lambert at Colony MS Music for info).
    To do this, students need to:
    1. Choose an appropriate piece of music (something that has difficulties to work on and yet is doable to their level-your teacher can help you out with this). 
    2. Set-up times to work on it in private practice time and with a music teacher.  
    3. Students may need to rehearse a couple times with a accompanist if the piece requires it. 
    4. Students need to complete the registration form and get it signed by their music teacher and provide money to register for the contest (form and money is due to CMS by Feb. 4, 2021).  
    5. Student needs to attend the contest at Colony MS at the time that would be provided after the registration has been received on time (Feb. 27, 2021).    
    What will a student(s) receive:
    1. They will get a chance to work with a professional musician as their judge.  The judge will offer them suggestion on improving their playing/singing.  They will get a chance learn about what they did well and what they need to work on to improve. 
    2. They will get to an opportunity to work on a piece that is geared to their needs. 
    3.  They can listen to and learn from other students perform as well and hear what the judges offer to those students.
    Here are most of the forms and specific information a teacher and student need to participate. 
    Rubric/Scale requirements/Rudiment requirements/Map to CMS: General info
    For further questions, please contact Tobias Lambert (Colony MS Music teacher) at 761-1517 or tobias.lambert@matsuk12.us .