• Colony XC Ski Equipment List

    All equipment will be needed by The 2nd day of practice

    Ski Equipment

                Classic skis

                Classic poles

                Skate Skis

                Skate Poles

                Boots (either skate & classic boots, or combi boots)

                Ski Bag

                Ski Ties

                Wax Supplies (Cork, Groove Scraper, Kick Wax Scraper and Plexi Scraper)

    Clothing (avoid cotton!!!!)


                Gloves (must be able to fit in ski pole straps)

                Long underwear (top and bottom)

                Ski pants (ie Swix universal pant)

                Ski Jacket (you may order a Colony high school team jacket: Deadline is Nov 1 $145)

                Buff or ear muffs

                Running shoes

                Warm socks


    Optional items

                Headlamp (useful for December practices, and early morning races)

                Hand warmers

                Sun glasses (protects eyes when going downhill)

                Dermatone/ Vaseline (prevents frostbite on face)

Last Modified on November 3, 2019