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    ALEKS is a research based online adaptive program that individualizes student learning based on student needs. This program is geared for Grades 3 - 12. This program is used for both Tiered interventions or extended learning.

    Protocol for Purchasing ALEKS Licenses

    ALEKS License Purchasing
    1. The school principal or administrative secretary sends an email to Intervention Ed Tech requesting the number of licenses the school wishes to purchase and the account code that the funds will be withdrawn from. 
    2. The finds to pay for the licenses will be withdrawn at the end of the quarter that it was purchased in.
    3. Licenses will be transferred to a school to be given out by the school ALEKS administrator.

    Adding School Administrators

    School Administrators
    1.  School administrators are determined by the principal or administration of each school. An email needs to be sent to the Ed Tech by the school principal or administrator granting permission for that change to occur. School ALEKS administrators also have the ability to add school administrators from their account.
    2. School administrators are responsible for adding new teachers in their schools. 

    School Administrators: How to Add Teachers to ALEKS

    1. Under Institution Administration - Click on New Instructor
    ALEKS Administration
         2.  Fill in starred information and check boxes of grade levels that will be taught.       Use the instructions Network login. 
              Assign a password. The instructor can change it later.  
         3. Click Save 
         4. Instructors will set up their classes. 

    How to add Classes and Students

    This link will show teachers how to add classes.
    Creating a New Class  
    ALEKS Registration Methods - this PDF document will help teachers determine which method will work best for student registration in classes. 

    ALEKS Training and Resources

    ALEKS Training and Resources

    Walk through of Student Module Video (6 minutes):  ALEKS Walk Through Student Module


    Getting Started with ALEKS Initial Orientation (35 minutes):  Getting Started with ALEKS Initial Orientation

     ALEKS 101
    ALEKS 101  
    ALEKS 201 
    ALEKS 201  
    ALEKS Training Resources  - WEB
    Reference Guide for those new to ALEKS - PDF

Last Modified on September 30, 2019