• Connection Course Descriptions
    Quarter 2
    2017 - 2018



    Acting 101

    Mrs. Day Class           Size: 30 Library

    Do you like to entertain your friends? Do you aspire to be a stand-up comedian or actor? This is your chance to learn what it takes to be up in front of an audience to give a speech or perform. This class will include group games, improvisation, and interpretive speaking. Express yourself creatively in an unintimidating and accepting class environment.


    Fly Tying/Weaving/Looming

    Mrs. Buhler Class             Size: 30 Room 009

    Class of fly-tying and weaving/looming. Groups of 10 will take turns having a fly-tying lesson while the rest will be looming all kinds of creations with individual looms. I have LOTS of different colors of yarn, but you can bring your own too. There is a $5.00 fee for this class.


    Good Eats!!!

    Instructor: Mrs. Best                Class Size: 20 Room: 139/123

    Are you a foodie? Would you like to learn to prepare some of the foods you love? If so this is the class for you. We will make homemade dishes and desserts, while learning about culinary terminology, nutrition and safety. Take with you some life skills and some fresh food that you have grown, for future use. There is a $10.00 fee for this class.


    Preseason Wrestling

    Instructor: Mr. Chapman/Mr. Talvi              Class Size: 30 Room:142/Gym

    Wrestlers are you ready for wrestling season? Do you have your physical taken care of? Would you like to stop counting the ceiling tiles at your meets? Get in shape for wrestling.


    Hunter Safety
    Instructor: Mr. Lusk Class Size: 30 Room: 143

    This class will cover the Alaska fish and game written course on their steps to earning their hunters’ education card. The goal is to help students earn their hunters’ education card. $10.00 fee for class workbook.



    Instructor: Mrs. Groth    Class Size: 30             Room:138

    Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Russian is a wonderful language to learn. We will begin by learning a new alphabet, picking a new Russian name, learning songs, eating Russian food, and exploring Russian culture.  If you are planning to attend WHS next year, this class will help make getting that foreign language credit easier.


    Teen Leadership

    Instructor:  Mr. Beaudry               Class Size: 30             Room 126

    Understand yourself.  Present yourself.  Take responsibility.  Teen Leadership helps you find out what’s inside, so you can use it to make a difference in this world.  You will learn topics that are important for both now and the future.  Some of the topics studied this quarter will be Emotional Intelligence, Persistence and Optimism, and Self-Awareness.  You will take what you learn and apply it in activities that range from journaling to helping with school events like dances.  WMS needs more leaders just like you to come and develop the skills you already have! 


    Partners Club With Physical Education

    Instructors: Mrs. Fonseca & Mr. Lacoss         Class Size: 30             Room 118

    Do you wanted to be a role model and help others? Come join our Partners Club PE Class! In Partners Club PE, students with and without disabilities learn about each other’s strengths and celebrate differences through fun sport activities.  During this class students will have the opportunity to work on the skills and games learned during the regular PE curriculum with modifications for the skill levels of the students involved in the class. Students that enjoy physical education and want to improve their skills in a variety of games and activities as well as improve their fitness levels are welcome to join this class.


    Brave Basketball

    Instructor: Mr. Rinella       Class Size: 30             Room: Gym

    WMS Basketball Season is in full swing. Continue to build on your skills for the next level with new drills. Includes Free Throw Championship and Bump Championship. It is required that you dress out due to the physical nature of the class


    Woodworking (This class does have a $10.00 fee)

    Instructor: Mr. Cook        Class Size 25               Room: 133

    This course is for students who really enjoy woodworking as well as those who may not have had a chance to take shop due to schedule differences. Learn the basics of the shop, and its tools, while using safe practices. Students will get exposure to the scroll saws, sanders, drill press, band saw, and hand tools. Students will develop their own projects and construct them from layout to finished product.  Let’s have fun and learn a valuable skill.


    Poster Production Crew

    Mrs. Bachelder                              Class Size: 30             Room 134

    Do you like making posters for sporting events or school news?  If so, this class is for you.  We will be making posters for various athletic and school wide events.  Students will learn about lettering, centering, and some basic composition skills. 


    Brave Basketball

    Instructor: Mr. Rinella         Class Size: 30             Room: Gym

    WMS Basketball Season is in full swing. Continue to build on your skills for the next level with new drills. Includes Free Throw Championship and Bump Championship. It is required that you dress out due to the physical nature of the class


    Choice Study Hall

    Instructor: Mrs. Youngberg         Class Size: 30             Room: 132

    Do you want a quiet place to work on your homework?  Do you play sports or have afterschool activities and just need a little more time to get your homework done?  Then this study hall is for you!  You will have access to computers daily and we will do grade checks once a week.  Expectations include bringing something to work on each day, and having a library book for days you don’t have homework (you will have to be passing all of your classes with a C or above AND have no missing assignments to read).


    Gamestar Mechanic

    Instructor: Mrs. Wheeler        Class Size: 30             Room: 140

    Do you want to play video games and learn to make video games? Then this class is for you! Join us and learn to be a Gamestar Mechanic Maniac!



    Choice Study Hall

    Instructor:  Mrs. Pettijohn            Class Size: 30             Room: 161

    Bring your work and bring your friends and of course bring something to snack on! Come and enjoy working together! Work in partners, work in groups or by yourself especially if you need the extra time because you are a busy individual!


    Science Olympiad

    Instructor: Mrs. Troutman     Class Size: 30             Room 007

    Do you enjoy science and hands on activities?  Join the WMS Science Olympiad team!  Science Olympiad is the leading science competition in Alaska!  If you are interested in being part of a team and enjoy science, this connections class is for you!  There are 23 different categories to compete in.  The state competition 3/3/17.  Science O will also be meeting after school during quarter 2.  Please sign up if you are interested in being committed to our Science O team until the competition on 3/3/17!  


    Student Support for Athletics

    Instructor: Mrs. Demmert                                Class Size: 3               Room: 122

    I am looking for students who can help me with athletic events. Jobs would include setting up the gym for games. Finding people to work the books and the clock in the small gym and big gym for basketball games. Setting up the brave cave on game days: make popcorn and cheese, stock the fridge with pop, water, and Gatorade. Jobs will also include keeping the athletic room organized. Taking care of uniforms.



    Instructor: Mrs. Sharp       Class Size: 30             Room: 111

    This class will be a group that works together on rhythmic music pieces.  You will learn how to read notes and perform together, using precise rhythms, on a wide variety of percussion instruments (i.e. snare drums, bells, suspended cymbal, crash cymbals, bass drums, congas, xylophone and auxiliary small instruments).  Students who excel in this class will be given an opportunity to audition for 2nd semester placement in our class bands and our special before-school Jazz Band.  No prior music experience is needed, but students must be dedicated to learning music to join this FUN group!




    Instructor: Mr. Cass        Class Size: 24    Room: 124/cafeteria

    Archery is an ancient sport and discipline that can be enjoyed by everyone.  It doesn’t matter how much athletic ability you have, anyone can be successful.  During the class we will learn the different parts of the bow, how to score arrows on the target, and the 11 steps to archery success.  This course will explain how to be safe while enjoying a great activity.


    Dystopia Discovery

    Instructor: Mrs. Minsch        Class Size:30    Room:  149/150

    Are you a fan of Hunger Games, Divergent, or Maze Runner?  Do futuristic worlds where political systems have collapsed, societal norms have devolved into chaos, and people struggle to survive fascinate you?  Before there were novels like the Hunger Games series, there were dystopic novels like Animal Farm, House of Scorpion, The Giver, and Among the Hidden. Would you just like time to lose yourself in this type of literature, to discuss it with like-minded people, and maybe write some fan fiction or an original story of your own? End-of-the-world-as-we-know-it books are fascinating, so come join me – and others who are equally enthralled – and spend the last hour of your day immersed in a dystopic world.


    Mrs. Rains & Mrs. Mack

    Language Arts Intervention

    Mr. Meili & Mrs. Hughes

    Math Intervention

    Mrs. Pettijohn & Mrs. Youngberg

    Choice Study Hall

    Mrs. Minsch

    Madatory Study Hall