Connection Course Descriptions
Quarter 4

Walking With Walker     Instructor:Mr. Walker    Class Size 30       Room: 133
As the weather gets nicer, who doesn't want to be outside? Each day we will walk someplace new. It may be Wonderland or another park, it may be the lake, the library, or Dairy queen. Come get your walk on and enjoy the spring weather.
Looming     Instructor: Mrs. Buhler         Class Size: 25       Room 009
Make your own hat, scarf, mittens, purse, blanket, whatever you like! I have several types of yarns to choose from, but you may want to bring your own yarn. We will also take breaks and take care of the recycling at WMS.
Weight Training & Cardio Conditioning    Instructor: Mr. Talvi       Class Size: 30       Room: Gym
This class is for students interested in increasing their muscular strength and cardiovascular condition. We will be lifting weights for strength training and running on the track for cardio conditioning.
Archery    Insrructor Mr. Cass       Class Size: 24       Room: 124/cafeteria
Archery is an ancient sport and discipline that can be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn’t matter how much athletic ability you have, anyone can be successful. During the class we will learn the different parts of the bow, how to score arrows on the target, and the 11 steps to archery success. This course will explain how to be safe while enjoying a great activity.
Good Eats!!!    Instructor: Mrs. Best Class       Size: 20       Room: 139/123
Are you a foodie? Would you like to learn to prepare some of the foods you love? If so this is the class for you. We will make homemade dishes and desserts, while learning about culinary terminology, nutrition and safety. Take with you some life skills and some fresh food that you have grown, for future use. There is a $10.00 fee for this class.
 Choice Study Hall    Instructor: Mrs. Youngberg       Class Size: 30       Room: 132
Do you want a quiet place to work on your homework? Do you play sports or have afterschool activities and just need a little more time to get your homework done? Then this study hall is for you! You will have access to computers daily and we will do grade checks once a week. Expectations include bringing something to work on each day, and having a library book for days you don’t have homework (you will have to be passing all of your classes with a C or above AND have no missing assignments to read).
Beginning Ukulele    Instructor:  Mrs. Sharp       Class Size: 30       Room: 111
In this class, students will learn to play the ukulele. It is the “small cousin” to the guitar. With only four strings it is small enough to be easily transported and played. Students will learn to play popular, traditional and Hawaiian songs. As the weather gets warmer, ukulele class will “travel” outdoors and play on the lawn. Wear your Hawaiian shirt and join in the fun!! Enrolled students can check out a brand new ukulele from the music department. If you have a soprano or concert uke you can bring your own to play.
Italian Language       Instructor: Mrs. Groth    Class Size: 30    Room:138
Ciao! I am going to Italy next year. I want to learn Italian before I go. Who wants to learn with me?! Together we will practice Italian, find free language resources, and learn about Italian culture, food, and customs.
Chess   Instructor: Mr. Lusk Class       Size: 30       Room: 149
Have you ever wanted to learn to play chess? In this connections class we will learn all the rules for playing chess. We will also have practice tournaments to hone our skills. Join this class if you want to become a chess master.
Girls Basketball     Instructor: Mr. Rinella       Class Size: 30       Room: Gym
Girls, get ready to have the gym to yourselves in this exclusive connections class. Be prepared to work on some skills and drills, have some free throw contests and play some games in the last quarter of the school year.
Spring Into Spring   Instructor: Mrs. Troutman Class       Size: 28       Room 007
4th quarter is here!!! This connections course is designed with spring in mind! We will get outdoors but also have activities planned for the rainy and cold days. You will need to have money for ice skating and get a permission slip signed for our jogging/walking weeks.
Week 1 - Start flowers and veggies for school and home/exercise on the track/ make video about rules at WMS… bring your acting skills!
Week 2 – Skate at the Brett ($4 a day with rentals and ice time)
Week 3 – Yoga – outside if nice or on the wrestling mats on the track
Week 4 - Soccer/ volleyball outside
Week 5 – Jogging or walking off campus * Need permission slips
Week 6 – Walk to the lake to enjoy the sun! * Need permission slips
Partners Club    Instructor: Mrs. Fonseca       Class Size: 14       Room 118
Do you wanted to be a role model and help others? Come join our Partners Club! In Partners Club, students with and without disabilities to learn about each other’s strengths and celebrate differences through fun and sport activities. Activities include, but are not limited to: board games, bowling, floor hockey, field trips, and food preparation. (Permissions slips will be required for field trips.)
Sphero & Lego Robotics   Instructor: Mrs. Bachelder       Class Size: 25       Room 134
Ever want to learn how to program robots. This connections class is for you. Students will be learning how to program a Sphero Sprk Robot as well as build and program a Lego robot. We will be completing daily missions using drag and drop programing. At the end of the quarter we will be having a sumo wrestling tournament with the robots. If you want to have fun and learn about some awesomeriffic robots, this class is for you.
Driver Education for 8th Grade      Instructor: Mrs. Pettijohn       Class Size: 30       Room: 161
Are you in the 8th grade and thinking about getting your drivers permit? Do you want to learn not only how to study for the test but how to become a good driver, and all the things like tires, insurance and driving safely? Come join us for some fun and productive, practical learning.
Teen Leadership     Instructor: Mr. Beaudry    Class Size: 30       Room 126
Understand yourself. Present yourself. Take responsibility. Teen Leadership helps you find out what’s inside, so you can use it to make a difference in this world. You will learn topics that are important for both now and the future. Some of the topics studied this quarter will be Emotional Intelligence, Persistence and Optimism, and Self-Awareness. You will take what you learn and apply it in activities that range from journaling to helping with school events like dances. WMS needs more leaders just like you to come and develop the skills you already have!
Boys Volleyball       Instructor:Mr. LaCoss       Class Size: 30       Room: Gym
Boys that are interested in learning how to play or improve your current skills in volleyball are welcome to join. This class will spend quite a bit of time working on improving your volleyball skills and putting them to use in a game-type atmosphere. Whether you are a 6th grader that has only played volleyball a few times or an 8th grader that has played the game dozens of times at lunch recess or in P.E. classes this is your chance to improve your skills and have fun playing the game at a higher level.
 Mixed Medley of Merriment      Instructor: Mrs. Mack       Class Size: 30       Room: 158
Until it warms up, we will be making arts and crafts, and having study hall time. When it warms up- we will be taking weekly walking field trips to local areas (McDonalds, Carrs, the park, the library, Doughnut-King, etc.) This is a mix of everything I have tried this year and enjoyed. There is a $10 materials fee for the arts and crafts, and you will need to bring your own money for the walking field trips.
Mandatory Study Hall-8th Rains, 7th Chapman, 6th H.Walker
Choice Study Hall-Youngberg with ELL Students