• Overall Preschool Goals

    o   Develop learning-how-to-learn skills.  This includes sitting/waiting, participation in individual and group activities, communication in a variety of settings with both peers and adults, attending to requests/directions, gathering materials, and much more. 

    o   Develop self-care and self-maintenance skills.  These include (where needed)  eating, drinking, toileting, tying shoes, as well as cleaning up after self, and self-advocating for needs. 

    o   Develop speech and language skills for better communication. 

    o   Develop social interaction and emotional skills through a variety of individual and group activities.  Play is also a very important component in early childhood, as it is a major form of exploration and discovery.  It is essential for intellectual, cognitive, as well as social and emotional growth. 

    o   Develop small and large muscles through a variety of fine and gross motor activities.

    o   Develop basic literacy skills, including basic concepts of print. (i.e. print goes from left-to-right, front-to-back, title, author, connection between words and pictures, concepts of  storytelling, etc.)

    o   Develop other pre-academic skills, including math, writing, and science.