Our Philosophy

    We Believe:

    ·         A school is a community of learners, made up of children and their families, teachers, staff and community members. A healthy school is one in which all members of the community learn to work, play, and learn cooperatively together.

    ·         All children have the right to learn in a safe and secure environment that fosters respect and understanding.

    ·         Learning is for everyone for our entire lifetimes. We are committed to creating life-long learners throughout our school community.

    ·         Each child is capable of accomplishing great things. We are committed to providing a challenging and stimulating learning environment that encourages all students to reach their own highest potential.

    ·         A school must respect, value and build on the unique strengths, intelligences and learning styles of individual students in order to foster a strong sense of responsibility, self-worth, and a dedication to pursuing excellence.

    ·         All children can and should learn to be proficient in at least one language other than English, to be better prepared as global citizens.

    ·         Practicing virtues, and building assets, will help to develop positive attitudes towards self, others, the pursuit of learning, the environment, and the world at large.

    ·         All people have great worth and it is important to encourage improved understanding and appreciation of individuals regardless of their appearance, ethnicity, or cultural background.

    ·         A primary goal of teaching is to help students make connections between their learning and their lives.

    ·         The process by which a child learns is just as important as the product of that learning.

    ·         Students need to learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

    ·         Children must learn to work successfully with others in a collaborative manner in order to be successful in life.

    ·         People gain more by serving, than even those who are being served.

    ·         Students construct their own learning. Students come to each learning experience with their own prior knowledge and beliefs about how the world works. As teachers provide continued opportunities for structured inquiry, students build upon and apply previous knowledge to new situations, and continue the cycle of revising and refining their understanding. In this way, learning becomes a cycle, and not an end result. 

    We believe our mission statement, purpose, and philosophy are congruent to that of the
    Matanuska-Susitna Borough School District
Last Modified on January 30, 2012