• Mrs. Foster Math Syllabus and Expectations Room 204/205   Phone 761-1541 Grades 6, 7, 8


    Math instruction is developed to best meet student’s needs. In this course text and software include Transmath (Secondary) and supplemental materials.   If you ever have any concerns or questions, please feel free to call or email. I usually respond to email the quickest. 

    Goal: Be active and responsible learners to grow our math abilities with a focus on building understanding of math concepts and vocabulary through a variety of formats that may include – verbal models, short response, extended response, skill practice, problem solving, standardized test practice and explore the math in their everyday lives.

    Guidelines for Achievement: Be on time. Come ready and prepared to learn. Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn. Work at learning. Ask for support! Follow Social Contract.FOLLOW SCHOOL WIDE RULES.

     Materials: Three-ring binder (may be shared with other classes) or folder labeled: Math, Math composition notebook (grid or ruled), box of Pencils, Packs of pink erasers, Colored correcting pens (NOT BLACK) and dry erase markers, Basic Calculator, Earbuds/headphones (headphone provided if needed), Agenda/Planner (6th grade required), pencil pouch, Reading book, box of tissue: Math Notebooks/Binders and materials may be evaluated and must be refilled as needed

    Bell Assignments are assigned at the beginning of class. Unfinished bell assignments become homework and are due the following day unless given extra time. Students can be expected to work on their lesson or make corrections on previous lessons once they enter class.

    Computation/Fact Practice may be daily if not done in math lessons.  Basic Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts should be mastered in 3-5 minutes with at least 85% accuracy.

    Daily Lesson Assignments are expected to be completed before class ends.  Students are expected to show and correct their work and ask for support. If work is not shown, the student will be asked to redo the assignment for credit.

    Homework is assigned if the homework/vmathLive does not get completed in class. The purpose of homework is to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom and allow students the opportunity to practice and master their daily lessons. Students will generally correct their own homework in class. Students will be able to finish most assignments in class.15-20 minutes of VamthLive Software is expected to be completed at home if not done in class.

    Late or Absent Work if students are absent: They have the amount of days that they were absent to make up their work without a late penalty. Late work may be turned in at any time. Final deadlines for late work will be announced in advance. Any absent or late work needs to be turned into the inbox for the period the student is in. Assignments are considered missing if they are not complete at the time the teacher asks for it or at the beginning of class. See https://www.matsuk12.us/parents/quicklinks and parentVUE for missing assignments.

    Assessments:  Progress monitoring, tests and quizzes will occur regularly and cover the material previously presented in class. Retakes are available during class or as scheduled. Students are expected to retake tests below 80%.

    Grading will be based on the following categories and will be assigned according to the Colony Middle School Grade Policy in the student handbook.

    • Assignments and software minutes               
    • Assessments                
    • Homework                    
    • Employability/Activity Skills             

    Resources for Transmath (Secondary) are available online (ebooks): The students will each have a “consumable” copy of the workbook(interactive text) that will be kept in class. Look for the link on Matsu student links website for the software,  student textbook for homework and interactive text for missing workbook pages. To login to Transmath (Secondary) type in Username: student initials and ID number (no spaces) and password: voyager3.

    Cell Phone Policy – Cell phones are a disruption in class and should be put away unless prior notification of needing them in the classroom is given. Use of cell phones is prohibited and will be taken to the office if used without permission. Calculator apps are great tools on a phone, however, there will only be certain times during the course that calculators will be able to be used, and specific guidelines to follow while using a cell phone as a calculator. A separate basic calculator for this level is preferred.

    Chromebook use may be monitored though the district when in use. Academic Integity is expected on all work.

    Mrs. Foster’s Math Contract

    I have read and understand the Math Syllabus. I will ask for support if I need it and not suffer in silence. I understand that my success depends on my effort and that taking responsibility for my learning is essential. Academic Integity is expected on all work.

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