Middle School Choir Syllabus 


    Welcome to the Redington Middle School Choral Program.    I sincerely hope your membership in the choir will increase your love for singing, learning music, and contributing to positive traditions. 


    Singing in a music ensemble does more than provide a student with an opportunity to sing.  Participation in an ensemble teaches important life skills by allowing a student to: demonstrate and build musical skills and abilities; develop leadership skills; develop a sense of responsibility; make new and lasting friendships; representing a quality organization; and learn proper decorum and etiquette involved with public performances.  We will be constantly working hard to learn music for various performances.  Our participation in concerts, clinics, and festivals will keep us involved, busy, and constantly learning and improving our skills.


    As members of the RJS Choir, it is expected that you help build our reputation as a great choir.  We can be as outstanding as we want to be – it all depends on you.  Superior music groups are a result of many hours of hard work as well as a strong dedication and commitment from each member.


    This handbook is provided to make the procedures involved as a member of an ensemble and your responsibilities clear.  You are encouraged to read this handbook thoroughly so that you may better understand our policies, regulations, and your new obligations.  A Houston Middle School Choir member must be cooperative, strive for the highest possible scholastic record, develop a wholesome attitude toward the Choir, school, and community, and in general, distinguish him/herself by always doing the right thing at the right time.


    Everything you see here is important.  However, those sections that appear in the Table of Contents in Boldface Type are especially important for you to know at the beginning of the school year—please read with special care! 


     I hope that you will enjoy your musical studies here...if you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

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  • Behavior  


    Your Primary responsibility in choir is to learn music and develop your voice.  Any behavior which distractions from or interferes with this learning process will not be permitted.


    The CHOIR ROOM RULES are provided as special guidelines for your behavior while you are in the choir room.  Quiet attention to the teacher, remaining in your seat during the class period, and following directions are naturally expected of you in choir just as they are in your other classes.  All Houston Middle School rules and policies, as outlined in the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced.


    The goal is to have each student be as successful as possible in the choir program.  However, when the attention required by a single student interferes with the learning experience for the whole group, the individual student will have to be removed from the class for the good of the other students. 


    Choir  Room Rules

    1. No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the choir room at any time.
    2. Leaning on equipment (especially music stands and percussion instruments) is not permitted.
    3. When seated in a chair, all four legs must be touching the ground at all times
    4. When you choose to leave your music at school, it must be kept in the folder rack.
    5. No running or horseplay is permitted in any part of the choir room at any time.
    6. No student is permitted to be in the music office without permission.
    7. Only percussionist may touch percussion equipment.
    8. As a choir student, you are expected to respect others by the speech you use, and the way you treat their property.
    9. Students will follow these rules for the purpose of having a more productive choir class this year.


    Normal Rehearsal Routine


    It is important to establish a normal rehearsal routine so that daily rehearsal time can be used efficiently.  The routine begins as you enter the room. 


    Immediately upon entering the room, you should unpack, get your music from the folder rack, grab a chair and return to your seat.  You may warm up then warm up, practice that week’s assigned scale or rhythm, practice out of your choir book or rhythm sheets, practice choir music or socialize with your immediate neighbor. 


    Two minutes after the tardy bell has rung, or when everyone appears to be in their seats and ready (whichever comes first), the director will stand on the riser.  At this time, you should stop all activities and quietly listen to the director for instructions.  Students not in their assigned seats by this time will be marked tardy.  The director or assigned student will then start with the stretches and warm-ups.  To receive all daily points, you must have music, warmups, a pencil and your smiley face. 


    With two minutes remaining in class, the rehearsal will end.  You will, with no further talking, quickly put your materials away and get ready to be dismissed. 

    The class will be dismissed when:

    1. The room has been returned to its original order (chairs put away)
    2. All students are sitting quietly on the risers
    3. The director has made all necessary announcements and reminders.


    Materials Grade 

     Each Student will need the following items in class every day:

    • Sharpened pencil (NO PENS)
    • Music and Music Folder (1/2" THREE RING BINDER)
    • Supplementary as per director


     The supplement book and music w/folder will be provided.  You will be responsible for the rest of the items.  If you cannot afford any of these items, let the director know so that assistance can be arranged. 


    We will be using a supplement packet from a variety of books. The packet will be assigned to you and will be put in your folder.  They will be your responsibility so please take care of this packet. Replacement cost will be $.25 per page. 


    During the school year, you will receive a MATERIALS GRADE.  If you have all the items listed above at your seat, you will receive full points for the day.   



     Your GRADE is determined by averaging your:               



    Your GRADE will also be lowered two letter grades for each performance you are absent without an accepted excuse.

    (see PERFORMANCE GRADES)   *I will hand out my grading scale on the first day of class*  


    Performance Attire 

    All choir members must have performance attire. 


    Black slacks, Black shirt tucked in, tie provided, Black shoes, Black socks. Jeans or T-shirts will not be accepted.     


    Black skirt (knee length) or a Slack Pant, Dressy black shirt or blouse.  Black shoes, Natural black or white stockings.  

     Proper Concert Attire

    Performance Grades

    When you receive the performance schedule please review this with your parents and put the dates on your family calendar so that no conflicts will arise.  If an unavoidable conflict does come up, you must let the director know at least one week before the performance date with a written note from a parent.  Such a note must describe the specific reason for your absence so that the director can determine if you may be excused.  This will give the band time to redistribute parts before the performance.  A note asking to excuse you from a performance less than one week prior to a performance, or after the fact, cannot be accepted.  


    Below are the criteria for your Performance Grade:


    A - You arrive on time for the warm-up, are dressed appropriately (see performance attire), behave appropriately in the warm-up, on stage and in the audience.  Most importantly, you stay for the entire performance. 

    C - You fulfill all but one of the requirements for an "A"

    D - You fulfill all but two of the requirements for an "A"

    F - You fulfill all but three of the requirements for an "A"


    An unexcused absence for any scheduled or yet to be scheduled performance will result in a GRADE of "F" for the performance.  Your final GRADE for the grading period will also be lowered two letter grades.  You may also be required to attend a conference with the director and an administrator to reevaluate your participation in a musical performing group. 

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