• Middle School Drama Class


    Classroom Policies

    1. My main classroom policy can be summed up in one word: Respect. I expect respectful, polite behavior from students, and they can expect the same from me.

    2. 50 percent of the drama grade will be a participation grade. Each student will receive 10 points per day for a participation grade. Talking, making fun of other students, refusal to participate, disrupting or distracting other students, and other disrespectful behavior will result in points being taken away for the day.

    3. Students will need to have a sense of humor, a willingness to participate and be able to follow instructions to do well in drama class. I will not force students to do anything he or she may be uncomfortable to do, but I do ask that students try. Students are not given a participation grade on acting talent; they are given a participation grade when they demonstrate the effort to participate in in-class activities. If a student is really uncomfortable in the acting activities that we do in class, I ask that they communicate with me.

    Objectives/ Units of Study
    Puppet Unit: Become familiar with story-telling, work on team-building Class Period
    *Introduction to the unit, homework: puppet adventure
    *Share Puppet Adventures
    *Create Puppets for the other class
    *White Sock Puppet Monologue
    * Reading other puppet scripts
    *Final Performances

    Drama Terminology Unit: Identify, practice, and use common drama vocabulary and stage directions
    Class Period
    *Stage Terminology Homework: Drama Vocabulary
    *Create Drama Vocabulary Posters
    *Drama Vocabulary Practice Game, Share Drama Vocabulary Posters
    *Drama and Stage Vocabulary Test

    Clan Drama: Solving a Mystery!: Brainstorm, Plan, and Create an original script, learn acting techniques to act
    out original play, learn how to work as a team
    Class Period
    1 Introduction to the unit, Mighty Records-Keeper Chosen, Class Goals Given
    2 & 3 Creating the Myths: Create a Clan Name, a Clan Symbol, a Clan History, and a Clan Mystery
    4 Costumes and Props
    5,6,7 Writing the Sripts
    8, 9, 10, 11, 12 Rehearsals and Performances
    13 & 14 Wrap-up and Reflection

    "Musical Chairs": Learn about musical theater; create a presentation based on specific songs or styles of music
    and poetry
    Class Period
    1 Introducing the Project/Walk Through
    2 Introducing the music and Inventing the Funky Walks
    3 & 4 The Delivery of the Poetry
    5 & 6 Putting it all Together
    7 Performance
    8 Reflection/Assessment

    Improvisation Unit: Become familiar with the concepts of improvisation, create improvisational single scenes,
    duet scenes, and group scenes with a clear beginning, middle, and conclusion, work together as a team
    Class Period
    1 Intro to Improvisation
    2-4 Improvisation Activities
    5 Improvisation Reflection

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