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    Positive Alternative for Continuing Education
    Administrator:  Charles Carté 


    August 15, 2023


    Dear Principals, Counselors, and Parents,


    The Mat-Su Borough School District is entering its tenth year of successfully working with students who have been given a long-term suspension from their home school.  Positive Alternative for Continuing Education’s (PACE) purpose has always been to help students who are on long-term suspension complete courses they may have failed.  Students who participate in PACE can continue their education, learn better coping skills, and improve life choices while making progress academically.   

    There are several components to PACE: 

    • ABLE (Academics) and APEX Cyber Center
    • Counseling
    • Onward and Upward (Physical Education & One Health)
    • Cook Inlet Tribal Council (Intervention for Drug and Alcohol Abuse, health, and Cultural Awareness)
    • Community Work Service

    Referring Principal Action Plan

    NEW POLICY: Students who receive a long-term suspension will continue their enrollment at the school where the suspension was issued.

                                      They will be concurrently enrolled in the PACE program. 


    PACE is located behind Burchell High School.  Students who attend PACE will go through an application process to ensure it is an appropriate placement.  It is the priority of PACE to maximize educational advancement, as well as the completion of a portfolio to help them with work, training, and school options after high school.  

    For students with IEPs or 504s, it is imperative that a manifestation meeting is completed before referring a student to PACE. 

    For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact me at (907) 864-2628.  



    Charles Carté 

    PACE Administrator  
    Office Phone: (907) 864-2628
    PACE Office Phone: (907) 864-2674  
    Classroom Phone: (907) 864-2671  
    Fax: (907) 373-1436