• Illness or Injury

    A student who appears ill should remain at home. All students who become ill during the school day will be sent home. Any child displaying signs or symptoms of an untreated communicable disease are generally recognized as contagious and will be excluded from school until signs and symptoms abate. The student may return to school by request of the student's physician.  

    Accidental injuries at school are given first aid by the school nurse, or in her absence, by a trained staff member. Parents are encouraged to enroll in parent view, our online notification via synergy when their child enters the nurse's office. Parents will be informed and advised directly by the nurse if further medical care is advised. 

    In a major life-threatening emergency, or when it is unsafe for a parent to transport a child for further treatment,  EMS is called. 

    Parents are encouraged to contact the school nurse and review their child's special health concerns.

    Medication Administration During School Hours
    Prescription medicine may be administered at school when prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider with prescriptive authority in the State of Alaska, and provided in a container labeled by the pharmacy or the legal prescriber. The State of Alaska grants prescriptive authority to physicians (MD and DO), physician assistants (PA), advanced nurse practitioners (ANP, FNP, PNP) and dentists. The proper forms must be completed for administering all medications at school. Forms are only applicable for the current school year in most circumstances. Parents are responsible for providing all medications to the school nurse in original containers accompanied by the appropriate form.. The school nurse is responsible for reviewing all medication requests including those for a field trip or overnight student school travel. (See Health Office Forms tab for additional information and access to necessary authorization forms)

    Outdoor Recess

    Students who are well enough to attend school are well enough to play outside unless the school receives a note from their medical provider. Students in the Mat-Su School District play outside until temperatures are MINUS 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Appropriate attire is necessary to prevent frost bite and it is expected all students come to school prepared to play outdoors. If you are needing assistance with acquiring the necessary outdoor clothing, please contact me. 

    Phone Numbers and Updates on Medical Status
    It is important that the school has current home, work, and emergency phone numbers and is current regarding changes in health status. This is especially critical during an emergency situation. If your contact information changes during the school year, please make sure the front office has this information.
     Physical Education Excuses
    All Physical Education excuses must be cleared by the nurse. If a student will need to be out of PE for more than 3 days, a written request from a physician is necessary. the excuse must specify the length of the absence (including the return date) and the reason the student will be excused from PE. HR 612 - Return to School/Physical Education Form

    Health Screenings

    During the course of the school year, the school nurse will be checking height, weight, vision, hearing, and color vision. The extent of the routine screening depends on the grade. However, any time a teacher or parent has a concern, the school nurse will follow up with the appropriate test and notify the parents if further evaluation is warranted.


    Special Needs or Treatments

    If your child requires special nursing care during the school day, please contact me. Schools nurse are trained to manage most medical situations. Depending on the circumstances, physician orders and special equipment may be required.


    Starting the Day

    Parents are encouraged to start the student's day with breakfast and an encouraging word. Those nutrients enable the brain to be ready to learn and a positive comment from an important person sets a receptive learning environment.

    Head Injury
    List of symptoms needing prompt attention to your health care provider in the event of an injury to the head.  HF 701