• Information regarding the administration of medication during school hours:

    Prescription medicine may be administered at school when prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider with prescriptive authority in the State of Alaska, and provided in a container labeled by the pharmacy or the legal prescriber. The State of Alaska grants prescriptive authority to physicians (MD and DO), physician assistants (PA), advanced nurse practitioners (ANP, FNP, PNP) and dentists. The proper forms must be completed for administering all medications at school. Forms are only applicable for the current school year. 

    The School nurse dispensary contains Tylenol/acetaminophen, Advil/Motrin/Ibuprofen
    TUMs/Calcium antacids, and cough drops. These over the counter medications are parent approved for administration at the time of enrollment. Please do not send cough drops (or other over the counter medications) with your child to take unsupervised. Direct all questions regarding the administration of medications while at school to Nurse Chapelle. suzanne.chapelle@matsuk12.us 
    Note: Parents are responsible for providing all medications to the school nurse in original containers accompanied by the appropriate form. The school nurse is responsible for reviewing all medication requests including those for a field trip or overnight student school travel.
    Medication Authorization for all prescription medications to be given during school hours
    Authorization for administration of medications- Long Term -HF106
    Authorization for administration of medications on overnight field trips- Short Term -HF107
    Asthma Action Plan-  HF101A/B
    Medication Authorization Long Term- HF106
    Diabetes Care Plan for injections- HF104AHF105 B,C,D
    Diabetes Care Plan for pumps-HF105AHF105, B,C, D
    Anaphylaxis Plan of Care- Epi Pen
    Allergy/Anaphylaxis Action Plan- HF102A/B
    Medication Authorization Long Term- HF106
    Request for Special Meals- For students requiring special dietary needs (Recognized medical authority to complete)HF808
    Student with Seizures, Parent Questionnaire HF607 A, B
    Seizure Action Plan HF608 
    Short term Field Trip Administration of Prescription Medications: Medications that is prescribed 3 times a day can be given at school by the school nurse if this form is completed and on file in the nurse's office. This form covers only medication which is to be administered for 2 weeks or less. Short Term/Field Trip Administration of Prescription Medications
    Field Trip Non-prescription Medication Request with the addition of Dramamine- Over the Counter Field Trip Medication Authorization
    Students requiring Special Nursing Services-Required form for parents requesting special nursing care or treatment for their child (physician to complete) HF605B