• Immunizations

    Alaska State Law requires all school children to be immunized in order to enroll in school. The Mat-Su School District follows the state's strict requirement of "No Shots, No School" and requires proof of immunization at enrollment. By law, a student is not allowed to attend classes unless they are complaint with immunizations. T
    he exceptions to this are a medical or religious exemption; a 30 day waiver for those who are in the FIT (Families in Transition) program; or a 30 day waiver for active duty military dependents who have just relocated to Alaska.

    Before admission to any Mat-Su School District school, the parent must: 
    Provide an immunization record from a physician, health department, or other health care provider showing dates (month, day, year) of required immunizations.
    Requirements: http://dhss.alaska.gov/dph/wcfh/Pages/school/Back-to-School.aspx


    1. Obtain required immunizations. If there are medical or religious reasons a child cannot be vaccinated, call the school nurse for further information.  State Medical Exemption Form for medical exemptions and  Religious Exemption Form  that must be notarized annually.
       3. Complete the required immunization waiver for Families in Transition Waiver or Active Military Waiver 
    Tuberculin risk ASSESSMENT is no longer a requirement for enrolment at this time .