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    Positive Alternative for Continuing Education
    Principal:  Lebron McPhail  

    PACE is entering their fourth year providing support for students who have been placed on suspension or expelled.
    Our top priority here at PACE is to help students find academic, personal and lifelong success.  At PACE, students are able to re-capture any credits they have lost.  The PACE staff is dedicated to seeing your child succeed.
    Students utilize an online learning community called APEX, a cyber-center for academic choices.  Students have a variety of curriculum courses to choose from as they pursue their education.  We ensure appropriate placement through our application process.
    MSBSD, through their partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice, provides students with Prime for Life (Intervention for Drug and Alcohol Abuse) and Aggressive Replacement Training.
    PACE classes are Monday through Friday, from 8:05 to 1:50.  Breakfast and lunch are free for all students.  Bussing can be arranged, if needed.  We are located on the BHS campus on West Nicola, facing Wasilla Bible Chruch.
    If you or your student are interested in attending PACE, please contact the PACE Principal, Lebron McPhail to discuss your options with this program.
    Lebron McPhail
    PACE Principal
    Phone: (907)864-2671 
    Fax: (907)373-1436