Activities Fees

    • Fees are due in full when the paperwork to participate in an activity is submitted
    • Notes: The maximum total amount of fees charged is $500 per student, per year for High School sports and $250 per student, per year for Middle School sports. Other fees are charged according to the schedule.
    • Refunds: Request for activity refund must be within participant's first ten days in activity
    • * See MSBSD Co-Curricular handbook for exceptions
    Activity High School Fee/Reduced Middle School Fee/Reduced Elementary Fee  
    Athletics $200/$100 $100/$50 $30  
    Clubs $15   $10  


    Activity fees are required unless:
    • Student applies for and receives a fee waiver - Reduced athletic fees are one-half of the regular fee. Students who qualify for Free or Reduced Meals may complete and submit an Activity Fee Reduction Form.  If you intend to apply for Free or Reduced Meals you may choose to pay the reduced fee, understanding you may have to pay the balance if you do not qualify.
    • A student meets the $500 high school cap or $250 middle school cap for activity fees. 


    • Payment via SchoolPay: Online payment of fees can be made using your own ParentVUE account under the Fees section on the left.
    • You may also pay by check at your school of participation.