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    Math Lessons for week of March 30-April 3 using the Google Classroom Unit 11 

    Xtra Math is done everyday / Khan for those students that have mastered Xtra Math

    Monday       Math 11.7 - Google document Perdue Go Math answer sheet

    Tuesday      Math 11.8 - Google document Perdue Go Math answer sheet

    Wednesday Math 11.9 - Google document Perdue Go Math answer sheet

    Thursday     Math 11.10 - Google document Perdue Go Math answer sheet

    Friday          Moby Math assignments that have been assigned by your teacher


    Watch the video for each lesson, make sure to hit the TURN IN button after you watch the whole video.  Please use your math book that was returned to all of you to follow along in. 

    I have attached the lessons work page (front only) to your Google classroom.  This is a homework page but I am going to use this to see if you understood the lesson.  It is not HOMEWORK.  You're already home so it's work we are doing digitally.   The Google document that is attached is where all your answers will go and then share/turn in.  Don't forget to put your name and what lesson your doing on the top. 


    Science/Social Studies:

    Social Studies: Colonists - in Google Classroom

    Tuesday and Thursday 


    WTR Weekly Lesson #22 

    Spelling Editing Lesson #22 - all forms have been uploaded to view and the Google document is to input your answers

    Weekly Reader Lesson #22 - read the story online, view the critical thinking questions and input on Google document

    Vocabulary Lesson #22 - read the vocabulary story online, view the definitions, open the vocabulary worksheets in the classroom input answer on Google document

    Mentor Sentences #22 - Listen to the story and each day do one of the presentation slides, following directions on each slide 


    ZOOM Meetings on Tues & Thurs this week - see you all then