Wireless Options

  • District Network: 

    8021X_MSBSD is our secure WiFi Network used with District issued Devices. For connectivity assistance or to request configuration submit an IT Service Request.


    Guest Network: 

    MSDBSD_Guest is the District's Guest WiFi Network for personal devices. This Network is for the public. Register your device by entering the required information on the Guest Registration Page*. By registering your device you agree to the MSBSD WiFi Terms and conditions below.  Employees using either network are required to abide by the district Responsible Use Policy  



    • MSBSD monitors, filters and blocks certain traffic through this free public Wi-Fi system. If deemed necessary in cases of abuse or malicious intent to disrupt the service equipment may be blocked or banned from the system. Users assume all risk and responsibility for using this system.
    • The MSBSD’s public WiFi service is not intended to create a secure environment during public use. Because this is an open public network, we recommend the use of personal antivirus and firewall software on devices using MSBSD’s WiFi. If you find a site that is questionable or you discover a legitimate site that has been filtered, please report the address of the website to the site administration. The address will be evaluated for content.
Last Modified on February 22, 2024