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IT Service Requests and Knowledge Base

  • TeamDynamix (TDX) is used to manage technology issues. It is divided into:
    • A Service Catalog that lists all services offered by IT.
    • A Knowledge Base of articles to help with these services.

    TDX Team Dynamix

    TDX Hints:
    • Use your network credentials to log in. You will need to log in to enter service requests.
    • Guide for using the IT Service Portal (How-to)
    • Visit the IT Help Page to determine the correct contact for your issue.

    IT Help Page


Print Management

  • MSBSD printers/copiers fall into one of two categories: those which are managed and maintained by the District and those which are not. Devices not managed and maintained by the District must be supplied and supported via school/site funds. Any printers/copiers not included in the programs listed on the District Printer & Copier Support Information page will still be supported by the IT department, as long as the devices align to District network printer standards.  For more details you can also visit TeamDynamix (TDX) and open the Hardware>Printers articles.

Last Modified on February 22, 2024