Department Overview:

  • Our Vision:

    The Office of Student Support is committed to providing inclusive and empowering learning experiences by ensuring that every MSBSD student receives the support they need to reach their goals and contribute to their world.

    Please contact Student Support Services at 907.746.9221 for further information.

  • Associate Superintendent of Student Support:

    Robyn Harris



Special Education

  • More Information:

    Provides specialized services to children age 3-21 who possess disabilities through employment of over 300 teachers and specialists in more than 100 special education programs.

  • Program Administrator:

    Mary Watts



Child Find

  • More information:

    Provides screening to identify educational or physical needs which must be addressed to enable the child to fully benefit from an educational program.

  • Administrative Secretary:

    Jeanie Burtch


    Lori Smith


Health Services

  • More Information:

    Maintain optimal health standards, educating school staff in understanding childhood illnesses and promoting staff health through the employment of 34 school nurses.



  • If you are still living out of state please call 907.746.9221 and ask to speak with a Resource Specialist. If you have already relocated please bring a copy of your child's IEP to Student Support Services or your enrolling school.



Last Modified on February 22, 2024