Community Use Calendar

  • Brightly Event Manger Facilty RequestFacilities Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM
    Main Phone: 907.864.2011

    Log into Brightly to request events: View the COMMUNITY CALENDAR:  Click on an individual school to see their calendar or choose 'Community Site' to see all events district wide. 

Community Use Request Process

    • Facility Use requests are entered through Brightly Community Event Request. See resources to the right.
    • Pay your Facilities Use invoice HERE!
    • NOTE: A Certificate of Insurance is required when creating an organization. If you don't have this at the time of your request, please contact the email below. 
    • Questions? Email the Facility Use Coordinator.

    • Custodial charge of $25 an hour after event for clean up. Hours depend on area used and number of people attending.
    • Any and all school closures cancel Facility Use activities.
    • Facility Use is approved on a first come, first serve basis.

    • School Board Policy AR1330 guides the use of School Facilities
    • Use of School Facilities BP 1330
    • Fee schedule located in AR1330. Normal coverage on school days is from after school to:
      • 9 PM for Elementary Schools
      • 10 PM for Middle and High Schools

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Last Modified on March 28, 2024