• Goals and Objectives

    Preschool Yearly Goals & Objectives


    Personal & Social Development:   Playing on a cooperative level with peers
    Sharing toys & materials Cooperating with classmates
    Taking turns
    Self Help Development:   Caring for personal needs:
    -gets self dressed
    -uses bathroom independently
    -eats and cleans up after snack
    Language Development:   Listens to story quietly
    Speaks clearly enough to be understood
    Comprehends spoken language
    Can name teachers & a few friends
    Readiness Development:   Matching & sorting colors & shapes; memory & matching games; comparing objects by size; finding nametag
    Motor Development:   fine motor: painting, drawing, playdough, using scissors;
    gross motor: climbing, running, sliding, swinging



    Personal & Social Development:   Plays cooperatively with peers
    Shares toys & materials
    Follows classroom rules
    Can wait for turn by setting timers
    Keeps self busy; is self-directed
    Handles transition times
    Participates at circle & music
    Shows respect & kindness to others
    Shows eagerness & curiosity as a learner
    Self Help Development:   Uses bathroom independently
    Helps put toys away
    Dresses self for outside
    Cleans up after snack
    Knows first & last name, age & address
    Language & Listening Development:   Listens with interest at circle and story
    Recalls story details
    Follows a 2 step oral direction
    Auditory memory and rhyming
    Answers who, what, where, why, when questions
    Reading & Math Readiness:   Names colors & shapes
    Visual memory for 3-5 objects
    Completes 2-3 color and shape patterns
    Sequences 4 picture cards
    Rote counting to 10, recognizing by name
    Numbers 1-5, counting objects 1-1
    Physical Development:   fine motor: Holds scissors & cuts with control; balances 10 block towers, draws a representational person; prints own name; enjoys lacing & stringing; completes puzzles of 8 or more pieces
    gross motor: Gets on swings; climbs and slides with ease; balances on 1 foot; hops on 1 foot; two foot jumps through hoops; enjoys yoga
Last Modified on September 4, 2018