• Use of Venue Rules
    Listed below are rules we must follow when using the new tracks at each high school...

    1.       Water only on the track and the turf field. No Gatorade, PowerAde, soda, etc.

    2.       No Pets

    3.       No Food

    4.       No bicycles, skate boards, scooters, etc. (Baby strollers are OK.)

    5.       No Gum

    6.       No Sunflower seeds

    7.       Please walk in lanes 4-8

    8.       Do not allow your athletes, students or family members to climb or jump fences.

    9.       Please keep the inside gate closed (to prevent animals from getting on the track or field)

    10.   Please lock all outside gates when you leave. (if others are inside please warn them that you will be locking the gate)

    11.   Tennis shoes must be worn to cross the track and then cleats may be used on the turf. (during games you may put down the rubber mats so teams can cross in cleats)

    12.   ¼ spikes or less may be used on the track.

    13.   No shot puts or discus on the turf.

    14.   No plowing the field or track.

    15.   Plastic shovels may be used on the field.

    16.   Please pick up any trash you find inside the complex.

    17.   Please keep off the grass until it is dry and not muddy.

    18.   Parents, Players and fans will not be allowed to park down by the stadium unless they have a handicapped permit, booster permit, referee permit or coaches permit.

    19.   Vehicles parked in handicapped or along the road (which is a fire lane) will be ticketed and or towed.


    Thank you in advance for your part in the care of our great facility.