• I know most people have all heard about Jackie Robinson, seen the movies, or read other stories on him. But this book is unlike any I’ve ever read on Robinson. It was an absolute masterpiece and gives insight to his life that most will never know about unless you’ve read this biography. It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports fan; this shows multiple sides to Robinson that everyone can relate to.

                He was an all-around guy. He was focused, committed, confident and hands down phenomenal. While struggling with poverty, racism, and competing in his early athletic career in his brothers’ shadow, he persevered.

                It’s unique in a way that this is the biography that is widow Rachael chose to have tell his story. A majority of the text is actually Rachael’s point of view. It’s interesting to see how she saw everything and how she remembers her wedding, and all the different events that took place during her marriage.

                The biography discusses his different sports he competed in, track, football and, obviously baseball. He was the leader in every sport he participated in. He won awards and broke records in multiple sports, not just baseball as like most would assume.  His athletic background is incredible to read about, I especially loved that the more important games were told in detail to really get a sense of the amazing talents he possessed. Of course the entire book was incredible, including his professional career, but because most don’t know about his athletic career before fame, it was intriguing to read about.

                I recommend this book to everyone; it unveiled an incredible story of a true American hero athlete. Robinson helped to ease immigration in the sports world; it wasn’t easy but he paved a road for other African-Americans to play baseball at a professional level. Jackie Robinson had “guts enough not to fight back” (P. 551). His story is not all about sports. It describes acceptance, courage, love and every other emotion that everyone experiences. It’s one of the most relatable books I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Readers learn not only learn about his athletic life but also his life outside of all that, most important to him, his family. Don’t shy away from the book because of the length, but appreciate it for just that. No book I’ve ever read gives you an insight quite like this one, a different perspective on life from one of the most incredible athlete and leaders this nation as seen.

    --Jennifer Solano