• Trash Book Review

           The book Trash by Andy Mulligan was an amazing book. Three young boys with absolutely no power do what they think is right, which is going through all the trouble to find out the secret of the hidden code. Trash has been THE best book I have read since 8th grade. No other book I have read has been this exciting and has made me want to read it again and again except The Hunger Games. The book stays exciting throughout the entire book and keeps the story interesting. This book was extremely exciting but at some points extremely confusing as well. It’s a great book for teenagers and adults because of its mysterious and exciting plot.

          The book is about three young boys who have no family, money, or a home. They have to search through trash to be able to eat and keep them alive. One day one of the boys finds a wallet with 1100 pesos and a map with a code on the back. Police come to retrieve the wallet, and the boys notice that whatever the code was for it was extremely important if the cops are willing to pay 10000 pesos to the one who finds it and 1000 to everyone who helps look. They decide to keep the wallet to themselves, to see what the code really means. They do some research and find out some very interesting things about the man who had the wallet. He’s a dead bank robber!

          This was a great book and had some interesting parts to it, especially towards the ending of the book. This book is a lot of mystery and adventure, and if those are the things you’re interested in I really recommend this book. My favorite parts about the book are all of the mysterious parts, such as when they read more about the bank robber they find out something more that leads them to believe the robbed money is somewhere in their town. This book is awesome, and in my opinion it is the best book that can be found so far that I’ve read in the Colony High School library. Readers who enjoy thriller and mystery books then should defiantly consider reading Trash or some of the author’s other popular books.

    --by Steven Ripple