• Breaking Point

                Breaking Point is the second novel that Alex Flinn has written. A couple books she has written are Breathing Under Water and Nothing to Lose. She writes teen novels, and she writes about things that scare her hoping that it will help raise awareness. Breaking Point provides a good inside look on what it is truly like to be bullied and how desperate teens are to fit in. Breaking Point is a scary, depressing, and insightful book.

                The main character is Paul. Paul is desperate, scared and a struggling teen. He is isolated, and an outsider. He struggles to fit in and seek approval. He’s a poor person at school.

                 Paul’s parents get a divorce, so he moves to a new place and starts going to a private school, which he hates; for a long time he calls his dad without his dad answering hoping that he would be able to live with his dad. Paul is desperate to fit in and get approval from Charlie; he will do anything Charlie says.

                Another important character in the book is Charlie. Charlie is a bully, manipulator, liar, and is hateful. Charlie is what people call perfect because he has the good looks, rich family, and good grades. He uses people’s talents against them for bad things. David plays a big role in the book. David is constantly getting bullied by Charlie. David is a troubled, independent, smart, and confused teen. He’s another poor kid at school.  David gets pushed too far, and he commits suicide.

    Paul’s good with a computer, and his mom works at the office at his school, and Charlie knows all those things about Paul; that’s why he becomes friends with Paul. Charlie wants to use Paul so that they can plant a bomb in the school and blame it on Paul.

    This book is about struggling to fit in and how far people will go to get what they want. Also, its shows the significance of bullying and what goes on inside the mind of a bully and the one being bullied. It gives a good insight into how far students will take a student will take situation for amusement.

     In my opinion, despite all the bullying and manipulating, it is a very good book. I think that all teens should read it because maybe it will help teens understand the struggle each individual student has and how each person’s actions and reactions affects everyone around more than people realize. Also, it shows the search for greatness and how some people will stop at nothing to get what they want. This is an upsetting book because this could actually be true; it could actually happen.