• Eragon Review
                Colony High School’s library has many interesting books from a large assortment of authors. The book Eragon by Christopher Paolini is a fantasy book that captivates the reader and brings them to a totally different world. I have recently had the pleasure of reading the Inheritance cycle, of which Eragon is the first book, and believe that it may have tied with my favorite book series, The Lord of the Rings, as being the best series I’ve read. It has won many awards, including the South Carolina Book Award for Young Adult Book and the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Book Award. The book begins in the time of when the Empire, ruled by King Galbatorix, is at war with a rebel group known as the Varden. Forces of Urgals, large monsters between six to eight feet tall, are migrating to the south, destroying villages and slaughtering the inhabitants within them. In the corner of this conflict, Eragon lives with his Uncle Garrow and cousin Roran, who live near the small, unnoticed town of Carvahall as farmers.

                When Eragon is sixteen, he’s out in the Spine, a heavily forested mountain range, when a blue rock suddenly appears before him with a large explosion. He takes the rock home believing he might be able to sell it for some meat from the butcher, Sloan. What he doesn’t expect is a dragon hatching out of the rock! He decides to name the dragon Saphira after learning dragon names from the village storyteller, Brom. But one day he comes home to find the farm in ruins and his uncle hurt really badly, his cousin leaving to work in a town. Later, his uncle dies and Eragon leaves with Brom and Saphira to go hunt down the murderers, known as Ra’zac.

                They track the Ra’zac to the city of Dras-Leona, where the Ra’zac ambush them. Brom is stabbed before a man named Murtagh comes to their aid and later dies from his wound. Eragon then continues on his journey with Murtagh and Saphira, travelling to Gil’ead. There, Eragon frees an elf named Arya from the clutches of a Shade known as Durza. They then go to Farthen Dur, the dwaven city where the Varden reside. Once there, the Varden hear of a huge Urgal army coming to attack them from an abandoned dwarven city and prepare for the oncoming slaughter. The book ends with such excitement that readers will scramble to the library once they’re done. To summarize, it’s about a boy who must survive many dangers with his dragon.

    --by Andrew Cooley