• The Maze Runner: Book Review

                The Maze Runner is part of a three book series by James Dashner, an accomplished author who has written many novels. The Maze Runner is a science fiction story, which takes place in modern times. This book is very intense throughout and keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

                The book is written in first person narrative from the perspective of the main character, Thomas. He is portrayed as a reserved young man and has a good head on his shoulders. In the book, Thomas is transported to “The Glade,” a small piece of land surrounded by a giant maze. The “Gladers” have been trapped there for years, and their goal is to defeat the maze and free themselves. I believe this book was written to help readers open their minds to the possible scenarios that could surround them. Throughout the novel, the author gives us little clues along the way, which eventually help us to unravel the mystery of the maze. I enjoyed how the author depicted the characters and their personalities. It creates a vibe in which readers feel like they are in “The Glade” with the characters.

                In The Maze Runner the plot was very well developed. In the beginning, everyone was a little self-conscious. But as the book wore on they became more confident in their actions and words. This was a direct result from becoming more comfortable with each other. For example, Thomas and his friend Chuck do not dare go into the maze at first, but by the end they have both gone in and attempted to conquer the maze. From the book’s context, I believe that the theme of this book is to never give up, and rise above your greatest obstacles. For instance, Thomas and his fellow “Gladers” had to face their fears and overcome the maze, which haunted them dearly. Although I thought this book was very good, I think that there could have been some improvements. My critique on this book would be that it didn’t interact with the reader as much as it could have. The book would have been a lot more riveting and emotional.

                Overall I thought that The Maze Runner was a very good novel. Its exciting plot turns kept me interested from cover to cover. James Dashner did an extremely good job explaining and revealing the intricate parts that kept me guessing. I would definitely recommend this book and can’t wait to read the sequel.