Students at Tanaina Elementary School receive a comprehensive and well-rounded music education. Every grade level is scheduled for two 45 minute music classes each week where they are engaged in an active music curriculum. The music department develops students’ musical artistry and creativity through song and movement. They will experience ideas and emotions that cannot be put into words and are unique to the musical experience. These experiences are a part of what makes us human and can only be accomplished in the musical idiom. They are taught a wide range of musical styles that incorporate various musical concepts as well as learn traditional American and multi-cultural music. Various pitched and non-pitched instruments are routinely used to enrich the musical experience as well as recordings and videos.

    GAMEPLAN” by Jeff Kriske and Randy Delelles is the primary curriculum used at Tanaina provided and endorsed by the school district. As described from the teachers text:

    GAMEPLAN is an active music curriculum for children. Organized by grade level and presented chronologically in weekly lessons, GAMEPLAN sequences musical skills and objectives that support the National Standards for Arts Education. As good teaching is diverse, this curriculum is eclectic. It embraces several philosophies, including the principles of Orff Schulwerk and the Kodaly approach to reading rhythm and melody. Nursery rhymes, folk songs, and traditional children’s games and dances form an integral part of the repertoire selected…”


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Last Modified on January 13, 2017