• Science  


    Physical Science


    Instructors:  Pat Cunningham, Tim Lundt, Michelle Brazfield


    Most students entering 9th grade will enroll in Physical Science. Successful completion of the course will earn 1.0 credit towards fulfilling the minimum 3.0 science credit requirement. In addition, the course will prepare students for subsequent chemistry and physics courses as well as allow them to develop other essential quantitative, reasoning and research skills.


    Course Topics Include:

    · Scientific Method

    · States of Matter

    · Models of the Atom

    · The Periodic Table

    · Chemical Reactions and Bonding

    · Atomic Fission and Fusion

    · Laws of Motion, Forces, Work, and Power

    · Energy Conversions and Transformations

    · Waves and light

    · Life Cycle of Stars, Origin of Universe, the Aurora

    · Electricity and Magnetism












Last Modified on October 26, 2013