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    Tobacco, Alcohol &
    Controlled Substances
    In order to ensure adoption of tobacco, alcohol and controlled substances use policies by member schools and districts, ASAA requires that member schools and districts adopt the following policy. This is intended to set forth minimum restrictions and penalties, subject to greater or additional restrictions or penalties which may be adopted by member schools or school districts.  For more on the ASAA Tobacco, alcohol and controlled substances policy please read the TAD policy below.
    Parent/Guardian and Student Education
    The following materials should be given annually to each student and parent/guardian prior to the student’s first athletic contest.  After reading and watching the material you will be asked to verify that you have done so via this online survey.
    For Parents and Students - 
            Other TAD Resources can be found at:
            T.A.D. Acknowledgement Form 


Last Modified on May 6, 2020