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    Upon recommendation of its Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), ASAA has adopted concussion management guidelines for parents developed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) in cooperation with the CDC.
    Prior to PlanetHs Registration: Please view the ImPACT Video that explores Preston Plevrete's life after tragedy. You will be asked to acknowledge completion of these items during registration.
    During Participation in activity : In the event that the Coach, athlete, or official suspects possible concussion:
    • Qualified provider at event determines injury was not concussion related

      Provider should complete Section 2 of the Return To Play form
      The student can be released to return to activity immediately upon receipt.
    • Qualified provider at event determines that student has a suspected concussion

      Immediate removal from activity
      Fill out triplicate form Student Athlete Removal From Participation. Provide original to parent if available or student in the case that a parent is not available. Other copies should be dispersed as indicated on form
      Complete Accident Incidence Report and turn in to Athletic Director
      Student, upon returning to school and symptom free for 24hrs, begins the return to play protocol
    • Return To Play Protocol After Concussion

      School advertises MSBSD options for continued support to families including an optional clinical assessment, vestibular- ocular-motor screen, and continuing concussion management by a trained and certified school neuropsychologist or licensed clinical psychologist
      The Healthcare Provider Return To Play form will be provided to athlete and parent to take to a qualified medical provider trained in concussion management
      When the return to play protocol is complete, the Healthcare Provider Return To Play form is turned into the athletic director and filed
      Athlete returns to play
Last Modified on May 5, 2020