AP Studio Art- Google Classroom Code: ye7x4d

    AP Studio Art is a chance for the visually gifted to excel and receive recognition on a national scale.  Students will complete a portfolio of 24 works of high-caliber art as required by the College Board.  Students submit a portfolio of slides and actual art to the College Board in May, where it is scored by no fewer than seven judges. Students who earn a 3 on their score or better may be able to receive college credit for this course. This program also allows students to compare their work with that of other high school students throughout the nation and helps them prepare an excellent portfolio for study at the college level or in business.


    AP students are:  

    ·        students who can perform at a rigorous academic level, and enjoy being challenged to expand their knowledge and skills to the next level. They are young artists who can commit time and energy to art.

    ·        able to develop an idea from concept to a conclusion.

    ·        expected to complete more art, and at a higher level of proficiency than Studio 3/4 students.

    ·        expected to enter their artwork in school and community exhibitions and enter their work in two state-wide art contests

    ·        able to develop their own personal work in the area of concentration, or a series of art on one single theme.

Last Modified on March 20, 2020