•  *Please note that times listed below are the times the bus will leave the stop.
    Palmer morning bus #99, afternoon bus #113
    Wasilla morning and afternoon bus #111 
    **Note morning Wasilla bus pick-up times are 5 minutes earlier effective Monday, September 4, 2018**
    Pick-Up Times
    6:52 AM  Three Bears on Trunk Rd. by gas pumps
    7:13 AM  Three Bears KGB parking lot
    7:26 AM  Palmer Library (Palmer bus) 
    7:27 AM  Target Parking lot by Walgreens
    7:35 AM  Boys and Girls Club
    7:45 AM  Fronteras
    Drop-Off Times:
    2:45 PM  Fronteras
    2:50 PM  Rock of Ages Daycare (Palmer bus)
    3:00 PM  Colony Middle School (Palmer bus) 
    3:02 PM  Colony High School (Palmer bus) 
    3:10 PM  Palmer Public Library (Palmer bus) 
    2:49 PM  Boys and Girls Club
    2:56 PM  Target Parking lot by Walgreens
    3:15 PM  Three Bears KGB parking lot
    3:38 PM  Three Bears by Trunk Rd. by gas pump
    Early Release Drop-Off Times:
    12:30 PM   Fronteras   
    12:45 PM   Colony Middle School (Palmer bus)
    12:50 PM   Colony High School (Palmer bus)
    1:00 PM     Palmer Library (Palmer bus)
    12:30 PM  Fronteras
    12:45 PM  Target
      1:05 PM  Three Bears KGB parking lot
      1:30 PM  Three Bears by Trunk Rd. by gas pump
    *Please remember that all time are close approximations due to weather and road conditions.  
Last Modified on September 14, 2018