• Fifth Grade Math Homework Schedule

    Fifth Grade Math Homework Schedule

    Math homework is a simple matter. I send home math from a daily homework book the students keep at school. Generally, one side of the homework page relates to what we were learning earlier that day, while the reverse side re-enforces concepts we have studied previously. I generally assign math homework on all school days, except on Fridays. It is my policy ask that you do not spend any more than 20 to 30 minutes on math homework. Also, if your child is having difficulties with the content matter, please pause the homework before frustration arises. Instead, give me a call at home or send a note. We'll get matters worked out together.

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  • Fifth Grade Reading Homework Schedule

    Fifth Grade Reading Homework Schedule

    I cannot emphasis enough the importance of children reading everyday. While it is my plan to send home one book report project each quarter, its imperative that children be given the opportunity to read material they enjoy and have an interest in at home on a daily basis. Please provide a quiet place for your child to read and contemplate in for at least 20 minutes a day. A weekly trip to the library can open a world of discovery for them.

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  • Fifth Grade Spelling Homework Schedule

    Fifth Grade Spelling Homework Schedule

    On Monday afternoons, the kids take a pretest of the week's 20 Spelling words. Generally, the Spelling homework assignment is to be able to spell all the words on the week's list correctly by Friday afternoon. A great way to help your child learn all the words by then is to have all the words that were missed on Monday's pretest rewritten by your child three times each day, and then have misspelled words recited to you. Also, children will generally learn the new words better if they have to use different colors to write the words they are learning. Have them use one color for vowels and another for consonants, this will force them to slow down and pay more attention to their learning. Positive encouragement will go a long way in helping to learn these words.

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