• Musical Theater Connection Class.

    This is a new music enrichment class (for 4th quarter) for any student interested in learning the in’s and out’s of one of America’s original art forms (musical theater).   Students will learn the history of musicals, work on singing in a Broadway style and and work on basic acting skills.   Final project will be  performing a scene from a show with acting, staging, choreographing, singing and costumes from a show.
    Hopefully, this will be tied into Mr. Wargo's Theater class (if he is allowed to teach that) as a more in-depth extension.   CMS is in the process of strengthening the drama department and the music department goes with that.   Drama students that are planning on going to New York City for the "Broadway Workshop" will be expected to participate in this class to help get them ready for that trip.
    Click here for copy of 2020-2021 Musical Theater syllabus  Reminder, this class is scheduled to perform the spring play on May 7-8.  You must audition for and be given a part for to participate in this class. 
Last Modified on June 22, 2020