• Geometry Castle Project

    In geometry we have three chapters that deal with area of 2-dimensional figures, surface area of 3-dimensional figures, and volume of 3-dimensional figures.  We like to apply the topics learned in class into a "Castle Project".  Each student will take time to calculate the surface area and volume of their castle.  Every student's castle will have the same castle shape, yet each student will have their own unique measurements for each piece of their castle.  The castle consists of a rectangular prism keep, a cylindrical tower with a conical roof, a pentagonal prism tower with a pentagonal pyramid roof, a triangular prism tower with a triangular pyramid roof, and a square based prism with a square based pyramid roof.  Each student will create a portfolio showing their castle and calculations for perimeter, surface area, and volume.  It will break the castle into "pieces" to show each calculation and diagram of the piece, then also show how the overlapping of the pieces affects the final calculations.  After each calculation has been checked off by the teacher, they can write up each portfolio page and start building their castle to scale.  I have photos of past castles below.

    Images of student work are the property of the student and may not be reproduced without permission

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Last Modified on January 14, 2016