Class Descriptions

    Language Arts

    (MSBSD Program of Studies)

    • 6th grade Language Arts covers the 6th-grade curriculum emphasizing the identification and the importance of the elements of literature. Writing instruction and assessment will be based on the 6+1 writing traits. Students will master the multi-paragraph essay and practice a variety of compositions to inform and describe and persuade and entertain. A research project will be completed. The conventions of English will be applied to increase sentence fluency. Skills in the mechanics of the English language are studied and practiced throughout the course. Content vocabulary is increased using a variety of vocabulary strategies.  The 6th grade Language Arts student will develop their skills in clear oral expression and alert listening.


    • Advanced Language Arts 6 provides high achieving students the opportunity to study in-depth, several major literacy works, vocabulary, grammar, semantics, logic, and rhetoric; to develop their skills in expository writing, careful reading, clear oral expression, and alert listening.

    Classroom Procedures 


    In order to maintain an orderly, productive classroom, we will use the following procedures:

    1. Please come into class quietly and sit down before the bell rings. 
    2. Please wait for an appropriate time to sharpen pencils or borrow supplies from neighbors (before class or after instructions are given); do not get up during presentations or discussions. 
    3. Raise your hand to get my attention when you have a question or comment.  Please don't blurt out.
    4. During a class activity when I ask for your attention, please stop your activity and give me your attention.
    5. Please respect my desk and the things in/on it.
    6. If you finish your work early, work quietly on other work or read a book. 
    7. Please take care of personal needs (bathroom, office, phone calls…) during passing/break times. In emergencies, I will allow a pass to go to the restroom. If this becomes a problem, I will work with you individually to minimize these classroom interruptions.
    8. It is your responsibility to be prepared for class. 
    9. Assignments will be collected by Mr. Beaudry unless otherwise directed.
    10. Your name must be on everything you turn in. No name = loss of points.
    11. The teacher will dismiss class. The bell does not dismiss class. Please straighten the desks and take all of your materials with you when you leave.
    12. Only water is allowed in class. No other food/drinks are allowed. School breakfast can be eaten in the classroom during first period, but please make an effort to finish before announcements.
    13. All written work must be neat. Messy work will not be accepted; it will be returned to you to be redone.   Please do not write or draw in the margins of your paper.
    14. You must have your binder EVERY DAY! You are required to keep all notes, handouts, and assignments neatly organized in your binder.
    15. No personal electronic devices are allowed in class without permission.


    These procedures are intended to help us have a productive, organized learning environment. Other procedures may be established throughout the semester to help us reach that goal.



    Grading Policy

    Grading Policy
    Total Points will reflect the weight of a given assignment.
    • Daily Assignments: 34%
    • Weekly Quizzes: 33% 
    • Tests/Projects: 33% 

    Late/Redone Work

    • Late and redone work is accepted, but 10% will be taken from the score.
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