How to Help Students Prepare  Music in Fourth Grade


    4th Grade Music Skills: 

    The student should be able to;

    1.       read and perform: quarter note, two eighth notes, and quarter rest.

    2.       read and perform: half note, whole note, half rest, whole rest, bar lines, measures, double bar lines, and repeat signs.

    3.       recognize themes in music such as love, peace, conflict, community, and childhood.

    4.       recognize and sing the Alaska Flag song and the National Anthem.

    5.       demonstrate audience behavior appropriate for the context and style of music performed.

    6.       demonstrate the following partner skills: copying, leading, following, and mirroring.

    7.       demonstrate the ability to work effectively alone or with a group.


    4th Grade Music Vocabulary:


    Phrase- A musical “sentence.”  Each phrase expresses one thought.

    Round- A follow –the-leader process in which all sing the same melody but start at different times.

    Step- A move from one tone to another without skipping a tone in between.

    Leap- A move from one tone to another that skips over the tones in between.

    Band- A balanced group of instruments consisting of woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

    Duet- A composition written for two performers.

    Introduction- In a song, music played before the singing begins.

    Measure-A grouping of beats set off by bar lines.

    Bar lines-Divide the music into measures.

    Orchestra- A balanced group of instruments consisting of strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.


Last Modified on January 25, 2012